Before After School and Vacation Care

Schools we cater for

  • North Strathfield
  • St Ambrose
  • Concord west
  • AOL

Before School Care:

Operating Hours: 7:00am to 9:00am, Monday to Friday

One of the many services Shiny Star Play Centre offers is Before School Care. The Before School Care program operates from 7:00am until 9:00am. The children leave the play centre at around 8:30am in the morning for School Drop Off. We provide a Bus Service that will drop the children at their designated schools.

In the Morning Program it consists of offering the children breakfast, providing them with Educational and Fun Experiences, help with any Homework they have not completed, and they have access to the Playground.

After School Care:

Operating Hours: 3pm to 6:30pm, Monday to Friday (usually back at the centre by 3:30pm depending on the school they attend)

At Shiny Star Play Centre we also offer After School Care Program. This consists of a School Pick up service where an Educator will come and greet the children at the school and wait for our bus to pick them up, ensuring constant supervision from when they leave the classroom. At the different schools we have designated meeting points for the children.

Once they arrive back at the Play Centre, the children are given the opportunity to conduct themselves in Free Play in the playgrounds, playing with friends from their schools or other schools. Once all the children have arrived back, we have Afternoon Tea. We have a menu that consists of Healthy Eating Alternatives plus also food the children will eat and enjoy. They are asked to wash their hands which help hygiene and extend on their own self help skills. After afternoon tea the children are given the opportunity to complete their Homework and Home Reading plus any other tasks they need to complete at school. From there the children will break off into the After School Care Activities. These consist of Interest based Play plus also Educational Experiences and also Group Based Activities, helping give a fun and safe environment for the children to thrive and extend on their development, Education and play.

Extra Curricular Activities:

At Shiny Star Play Centre Before and After School Care a new contribution to the After School Care service is the Extra Curricular Activities. We have had many parents contact us in regards to wanting to enquire if we provide any Extra Curricular Activities. At Shiny Star we have listened and tried to incorporate this into our After School Care Educational Program. We understand how hard it is sometimes working 9 to 5 or later and not being able to take your child/children to sports in the evenings as its too late for the children and they have to go to bed.

We have devised a program so 3 times a week there are 3 activities the children can be a part of. This occurs on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and comprises of Bowling, a fun and social activity that is common with school age children, Language, a learning activity to bring education and help children especially when it comes around to learning and especially when venturing to High school. Also Karate a sure hit favorite amongst the children. These will be held at the Play Centre and conducted by teachers, except for Bowling where we will go on a small excursion over to the AMF Bowling Facilities. 

All classes are $10-$15 per child per class

Vacation Care

We have exciting vacation care programs during school holidays.  Please check out our programs.  We are open from 7:00-6:30pm exclusive for these children and no public access.  We have excursions and incursions planned throughout the school holiday.  If your children are bored at home, they will have fun in our centre with shows, movies, picnics, arts & crafts, basketball, soccer, karaoke, disco party and many many more activities.  

Shiny Star Play Centre Vacation Care Program

1 George St, North Strathfield, NSW, 2137

Phone: 02 97465255



This is the program of our themed days, however we will be offering many more activities and adventures on each day. The Play Centre opens at 7am for Vacation Care and all children must be picked up from Shiny Star Play Centre by 6:30pm.


Monday 13rd April

Luna Park

(Coney Island)

Tuesday 7th April

Movie @ Reading, Rhodes


Tuesday 14th April

In-House Show

Beat Box

Wednesday 8th April

Cooking Day-Italian Food (Lunch Provided)

Wednesday 15th April

Bowling @ AMF


9th April

Sports Day @ park

Thursday 16th April

Movie @ Reading, Rhodes

Sponge out of Water

Friday 10th April

In-House Science Show

Friday 17th April

Cooking Day- Multi Culture Food


(Lunch Provided)

Pricing ( CCB and CCR apply)

Before After School and Vacation Care Without Activity With activity
Before school care $ 25 -
After School care $ 38 $ 48
Both before and after school care
Vacation Care                                 
$ 60
$ 70  

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